Welcome to Troop Seventeen!

The Blue Chip of Scout Troops

With History and Traditions Almost as Old as Scouting Itself.

We are known for our esprit de corps, discipline, uniforms,
marching, outdoor skills, high standards, older boys, pup tents,
and our rousing troop song.

Sponsored by Salem United Methodist Church in Ladue, Missouri
(a suburb of St. Louis).

The troop meets every Wednesday at 6:30 pm sharp.

Salem United Methodist Church
1200 S. Lindbergh Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63131


In Memoriam - Jim Kikis

4/5/44 - 8/12/20

Jim came into the troop in 1955, joining his older brother, Tom. As Jim says in a note below from 2001, he credits his long and distinguished career in the Navy to his experience in the troop. Troop Seventeen is mighty proud of Jim Kikis.

Tom gave me the Troop 17 info Christmas Day and I have spent two days looking at it, and to me it was my best Christmas present. Brings back a lot of memories from the past.

It was sad to read about Verne (Barnhart, Jr.) and Tom (Barnes). They both were great people and inspired me through life, and Irwin (Albrecht, Jr.), you did too. I learned so much from all of you and just being part of Troop 17 taught me so much. It probably took me a lot longer to realize it but I guess I was always looking for a real good time and put most of the right things aside and planned on using them some other time. But the best part about it is I remembered them.

When I retired from the Navy after 31 years I was responsible for 18,000 people, every one in the Pacific Submarine Force, and I took care of them. The same way we would take care of a member of our troop. You guys taught me so much.

I'm down here in Oviedo, FL. I came here to retire, but after about a year and a half, I was bored and am now working for the post office. It's a good job for an old retired fart, I don't have to talk to anyone who supervises me unless I do something wrong and the conversations are far.

At the post office they have asked me many times to go into supervision but I tell them NO, THANK YOU. I've had enough of that... but deep down I know why they are asking me to do that. It is because they can see leadership in a person, and in me where did I get all that -- from Troop 17 and all you guys.

Being a member of that great organization taught me a lot. I just wish I was close by and could still be part of it. It is something I will never forget.

Hawaii... I left there at the end of 1992, but I'm going back as soon as my daughter graduates from nursing school down here. She got a Florida State scholarship and we've got to hang in here.

Take Care,

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